Lightning Session

How to Write a Killer Brief! – Michael Murdoch

In this talk I will take the audience through key steps to writing a killer brief that helps make the project easier to complete and more successful!

Working Across Time Zones – Denise VanDeCruze

How do we deal with a global client base? How do we get projects done with a worldwide team? I will be sharing some best practices for working across long distances and differences in time and culture. You can expect stories of this going wrong as well as stories of this going well, how to set-up expectations, timelines and deliverables.

Handling Clients, the Human Way! – Vivek Jain

“Best Practices for Client and Project Management” is a subjective topic because everyone has a different opinion about how to develop the needed skills. Some place emphasis on professional training, while others find hands-on mentorship as a starting point.

I think that there is a much simpler way to get started.

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