Lightning Session

Recent I18N Improvements in WordPress Core – Pascal Birchler

Caching, timezones and internationalisation are just a few things that make developers cringe. In this short talk I will highlight some recent enhancement in the field of i18n in WordPress to show how we’ve got you covered. I will also give a glimpse at what’s coming in the future.

Single Purpose Plugins – Matt Radford

Have you seen It’s a weblog of simple, useful software. I’m going to show you a selection of similar software for WordPress – simple, useful plugins that you may not have heard of. There won’t be any bulky plugins with a hundred options and vast ecosystems, just small, focussed plugins that perform one thing well.

SVG icon system in WordPress – Sami Keijonen

I this talk we cover:

  • Why use SVG icons instead of icon fonts.
  • How to create SVG icons.
  • How to use SVG icons.
  • Practical example of Twenty Seventeen SVG icon system. (Some of it is covered in article