Help Your Readers: Format all the Things!

You press Enter and instead of a new line you get a new paragraph. You want to create a nested list and it just doesn’t look how you want it to. You pasted text from your word processor and its format is all wrong.

Formatting an article in WordPress can be boring and frustrating, but it’s a crucial step in writing for the web.
People read on screen differently than on paper and formatting the text will help them get to the end of it.

Nothing much has changed since 1997, when Jakob Nielsen published his “”How Users Read on the Web”” article: despite the principles being 20 years old, lots of pages look like a wall of text that might discourage well intentioned readers.

This talk will show you how to leverage the options available in WordPress and it will teach you how to fix some common problems with a few HTML tags.

This is a workshop: please bring your laptop and prepare a post in draft so you’ll be able to work on your formatting.