An AI Bot will Build and Run your Next Site… Eventually

Artificial Intelligence is finally in mainstream news almost daily. From self-driving cars to intelligent drones, medical chatbots to insurance analysis algorithms AI has gone mainstream in a big way.

We web developers, of course, have known all about this for some time. We use AI every day to build sites, don’t we? What would we do without our trusted bots providing helpful advice as we pick colours and typography, create content, define the layout and launch a site? How would we optimise our sites without having our bots tap into big data, fire up their neural networks and provide us with the perfect website recipe in order to maximise conversions? What would our users do without a bot to converse with them and lead them to the best choice every time. Thanks to AI web development has never been easier, and every launch is a success!

Sadly, unless you are from another dimension that is not actually what web development looks like right now. So where and, more importantly, what exactly is the grand AI promise for web development. I have been looking at all the different ways AI will influence (and has influenced) web development. This talk prepares you for the inevitable changes AI will bring to web development and points out what technologies you can take advantage of today as well we what you need to be thinking about so as to be able to better handle what is coming.

The bots are actually here and more are coming. Let’s make them our friends.