Paul Smart

Jenny Wong

Anna Smialkowska

Anna is an Events Management student form London with a passion for organising conferences and cultural events.

Anna was a part of WordCamp London 2016 volunteering team and has fallen in love with the WordPress community. She wants to give back the support that she received during WordCamp London by helping to organise the next WordCamp event.

Anna is on the vendors and volunteers teams.

Matthew Duhig

Matthew Duhig is a WordPress developer and the Co-Founder of a young and growing agency – FX Digital. Matthew takes pride in creating smooth and succinct development processes and enjoys putting into practice what he learns from others in the WordPress community. Most notably Matthew has worked on the London ACM Siggraph nonprofit project, integrating a WordPress events system with Eventbrite to provide an improved experience for members of the community.

When not glued to a keyboard, Matthew enjoys playing sports including Squash and Football and has previously taught a Code Club in South London.

Although Matthew has only recently taken his first steps into a more involved role within the WordPress community, he is looking forward to being an active member and will continue to be a WordPress evangelist for many years to come.

Within the WordCamp London community, Matthew leads the website team and is also a part of the sponsorships team.

Ana Silva

Ana Silva is a digi-marketing girl, coffee-maker and poetry lover from London.

She works across Products & Events with the incredible WordPress fan-humans at Human Made, on projects such as Out of Office and Nomadbase. She runs the Communications team at WordCamp London, and is leading the team building the WordCamp London Organiser’s Handbook.

She also reads (often) and writes (much less) about gender, race, culture and history.

You can find her here and here.

Chi-Chi Oriaku

Elliott Porter

I run a WordPress Consultancy Weblake from the funky Bath Road Studios in Bristol, U.K. Weblake provides its customers with a wide range of specialist WordPress services.

As a WordCamp rookie in 2016, I became instantly hooked and jumped at the chance to become a WordCamp Organiser for 2017. I’m proud to be part of the Design Team.

Aside from caring for my valued customers and their websites, my spare time is spent studying to improve my WordPress, web development and business skills (loving WordPress and web development makes my business & career a joy).

I’m also an active drummer with a love for heavy rock (being part of an Iron Maiden tribute recently). The phone can ring at any time from many bands of differing styles wanting my drum services at the drop of a hat, which keeps me on my toes when there is no time for a rehearsal. Now full circle from Iron Maiden I’m loving my new band ‘Planet Boogie’ and from the name you can probably tell, this involves funk and disco. Glitter balls everywhere!

I’m a keen runner with 3 Marathons (Paris, London and New York) and numerous smaller distance races under my belt (or rather medals around my neck), not all at once of course, I’d look like Mr.T! Currently I’m being pushed by the fantastic Bristol & West Athletic Club. Ever had a sports massage? They hurt!

I live in Bristol with my wonderful Fiance Mandy and our (very vocal & full of personality) cat ‘Marley’. ‘Marley’ is now referred to as ‘Marley Bob’ after the current movie ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ – he looks just like Bob the cat in the movie… Now reverse the name ‘Marley Bob’. Cool cat eh?

Stef Mattana

Stef works at Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. She helps users who need support for products such as VaultPress, Akismet, Jetpack and Polldaddy.

WordPress evangelist, Stef is active in the International and Italian communities.

When she’s not working online or lifting heavy weights, Stef either stalks dogs or ends up people on fiction.

Within the WordCamp London organisation, Stef is the treasurer and also leads the sponsorships team.

You can find Stef on Twitter as @stefmattana and on Instagram as @eraniapinnera

Marina Pape

Marina works for Automattic, marketing WooCommerce. She specialises in digital marketing, brand building, and copywriting.

Before diving into the world of WordPress as a marketer in 2014, she spent 4.5 years helping to build a leading South Africa eCommerce company and prior to that helped run an NGO (and did time at an advertising agency).

Within the WordCamp London organisation, Marina is delighted to be helping with content and social.

Give her a wave on Twitter @marinapape

Barbara Saul

Babs (or Barbara – whatever suits…) discovered  WordPress in 2008 and has helped small business owners and organisations make the most of WP for their blogs and websites ever since.

Also known as The Blogmistress, she loves enabling people to work with WordPress themselves and to get blogging!

Within the WordCamp London 2017 team, Babs is responsible for the wonderful Volunteers and a few other bits that she cannot resist!

Tweet with Babs at @babssaul

Diane Wallace

Diane is a freelance WordPress Theme and plugin developer. She specialises in bespoke WordPress themes and is passionate about creating beautiful, responsive, user friendly designs.

Diane loves developing with WordPress and being part of the amazing, inclusive and friendly WordPress community.

Within the WordCamp London organisation, Diane is responsible for speakers.

Say hello to Diane on twitter @_dianewallace

Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a UK-based WordPress Engineer, code consultant, and proud father of twins. Driven by a passion for excellence, he creates elegant WordPress plugins and theme solutions for clients, and provides services, including code audits, for other designers and developers. He has worked on projects for SiteGround, Yoast, StudioPress, Web Savvy Marketing, Daniels Trading, Rolls-Royce and many smaller design and development agencies and individuals.

Gary is a key contributor to the Genesis Framework and has contributed to most major branches of WordPress Core since 3.3. He has contributed to many open source projects in the community, and is a co-host on the UK Genesis podcast.

A former teacher in schools and prisons, Gary’s goal is to educate WordPress professionals on how they can improve their code. His motto is knowledge is power.

Lorelei Aurora

Lorelei is a freelance WordPress consultant and entrepreneur from Liverpool specialising in plugin development.

To give back to the community Lorelei regularly attends and helps organise WordCamps & WordPress meetups, contributes back to WordPress and helps translate Core.

Lorelei is on the sponsors and website teams.