Find out all about our Boxes sponsors: Meet the cool Jetpack crew

For anyone who may be living under a rock, tell us… what does Jetpack do, and how long have you been doing it?

Jetpack is a plugin that provides some of the most critical and desired features for WordPress sites by connecting your site to the community and services provided by We’re able to provide our users with some pretty fantastic things: bulletproof security, proven reader engagement and traffic building tools, content delivery, and many other services that folks need to build and grow their sites.

We know you regularly support WordCamps, for those who may not see the value in it – can you tell us why you do?

Ultimately, WordCamps are a place where we can connect directly with our core customer. Chatting with folks in our support forums or online is really great, but meeting and helping them in person is very special for us. Being at WordCamps also allows us to hear awesome stories from Jetpack users and even receive critical in-person feedback that we can then take back to our product team.

What’s your favourite thing about supporting WordCamps?

The best thing for us is being able to attend the event and chat with all of our users – past, present, and potential. Having face-to-face time with all of these folks is something that helps us continue building an awesome product that the WordPress community loves.

What would you encourage WordCamp London 2017 attendees to come and talk to you about at your booth this year?

For folks who have tried using Jetpack in the past and maybe thought it wasn’t the right fit, we encourage you to stop by and see the new user interface which is much faster and simpler to use. We’ve also recently launched some great new things, such as an ads program that lets you make money from your site and SEO tools that simplify the process of getting your site ranked.

For folks who still have yet to give us a try, come by and tell us what kinds of issues you’re having with your site – whether it’s publishing content, securing your site, getting traffic, etc. We’ll see whether Jetpack can help and get you going on the right path to a successful site.

What’s your top tip for getting ready for a WordCamp?

Put yourself in networking mode – print some more business cards, set a goal of connecting with a certain number of people, and don’t just hang out with the folks you already know. It’s a given that you’re going to learn many new things from the sessions and speakers, but the true value of these events is connecting with the community. Aim to create lasting relationships with some very smart and kind people. It will be a great benefit to you personally and professionally.

Do you have a favourite memory from #wcldn?

My absolute favourite memory is actually from #wcldn 2015 when a colleague of ours, excitedly playing with a small drone that was given out as swag, accidentally crashed it into a neighbouring booth. Oops. Won’t happen again, promise.

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